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We look forward to helping you maintain a clean, healthy environment at your place of business.

Brokate Janitorial provides customized commercial cleaning services seven days a week, day and night, for large and small businesses across multiple industries.

Service quality is ensured by our exclusive Digital Quality Control Program, and we welcome your feedback in order to consistently provide you with the highest level of commercial Cleaning and office cleaning services available.

Worried about the stress of transitioning to a new service provider? Don’t be. Our experienced team of dedicated managers will make the process easy, from start to finish. We sweat the details, so you don’t have to.

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What we're up to

  • Takeaways from the World’s Largest Cleaning Convention | Brokate Janitorial

  • 11/10/2014

Brokate Janitorial attends ISSA/Interclean Orlando 2014 Cleaning Convention Last week kicked off the World's Largest Cleaning Convention hosted by ISSA (the World's largest cleaning association, of…

  • “Clean” Won’t Cut It – 5 New Tips for Fighting the Flu

  • 09/5/2014

You know the feeling. It starts with a tingle in your throat. You mentally reassure yourself, “Maybe the air in the office is just a bit…

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