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Brokate Janitorial taking time to give back to Ozark area charitiesrmc-small

Brokate Janitorial believes it’s important for every individual and business to do their part to help the local communities they live and operate in. That’s why Brokate Janitorial is very active in donating year-round cleaning services to local non-profits, as well as identifying ways to donate time and resources throughout the year. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to!


Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks posted on Social Media asking for donations of cleaning supplies. Who better to fill this need than Brokate Janitorial? We rushed them out 2 vacuums. A few weeks later we were contacted about another need for a janitorial cart for their operation inside Mercy Hospital and Cheyne Brokate brought one down for them!


The mission of Ronald McDonald House […]

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The Cost of Winter – Tips to Protect Your Floors | Commercial Cleaning

Flooring is one of the most expensive assets within your office building. Don’t believe us? Consider this:

The average cost of carpet is about $3 per square foot. The average commercial office bui15.BRO.0034.Q4Eblast.ToPP_BlogImagelding is 14,900 square feet.


14,900 square feet x $3 per square foot = $44,700


Now, what if you were told that every winter, you’re putting this $44,700 investment at risk?

When tracked indoors, ice melt pellets – calcium or magnesium chloride – can cause damage over time to your interior flooring. Here are just a few of the ways these chemicals can wreak havoc on your business investment:

Hard surface floors

Once dissolved, ice melt leaves a hazy white residue on hard surfaces. Not only is this chemical buildup unattractive, it’s also dangerously slick, posing a slip and fall risk to those in […]

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