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Don’t wait for Spring cleaning!

Winter is the perfect time to reevaluate the cleanliness of your facilities. Every spring we are excited about getting outdoors into warmer weather, so we clean the inside of our homes and businesses. But in the winter, with the prospect of being cooped up inside for months, we forget about our interior environments.

How about some tips for great Winter Cleaning?

1. Check your entry.

The first steps through your front door will tell your customers a lot about your business. Make sure the floor is clean. Have a slip-proof mat in place. Keep salt swept up so it doesn’t damage your flooring.

2. Clean windows.

You’ll be stuck on the inside looking out for months to come, so make sure you’ve got a nice view while maximizing the natural light coming through.

3. Dust bunnies.

Now is a good time to clean the dust and pollen that accumulated through the fall […]

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Brokate Janitorial Reaches Out

As we move into the next season, Brokate Janitorial once again is reaching out to our community in a tangible way.

Beginning in September, we are working hand-in-hand with the Community Partnership of the Ozarks to offer a free budgeting class for our employees. We care about our team! This interactive class will share the dynamics of managing money and reaching financial goals.


Because we care about our entire team and their families, we have reserved the entire 1984 Arcade for a company-wide party. Two hours of food, fun and families enjoying life together.  We have several company parties each year and we are already planning the next one!

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