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Career and Job Opportunities at Brokate Janitorial

Thank you for taking the time to consider employment with Brokate Janitorial! It’s helpful to get to know any company you are considering working for to make sure the company and job will be a good fit for you. This article is intended to give some need-to-know details about Brokate Janitorial and our entry level cleaning positions. After reading this article, we hope you will take a few minutes to browse our website to find out even more, because we are very proud of the work we do!

Janitorial Services

First up, we want to give you a very brief summary of who Brokate Janitorial is and what we do.

What exactly does Brokate Janitorial do?

We provide full service janitorial services to commercial facilities in Southwest Missouri. We don’t clean residential homes or apartments, but provide cleaning services for office buildings, schools/colleges, medical facilities, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, corporate campuses, government buildings and more.

Our Mission is:

We enhance work environments by providing creative solutions that fully satisfy our client’s and employees’ needs through teamwork, effective communication and strong leadership

Next, let’s discuss the key responsibilities and duties for becoming a Cleaning Specialist on the Brokate Team:

Key Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Follow the cleaning specification list and facility routine for all scheduled facilities.
  2. Communicate with supervisor regarding supply, equipment and facility issues that arise.
  3. Safely perform tasks with a high level of detail, while looking for areas outside the regular routine that need attention.
  4. Perform tasks in budgeted time allotted for the facilities assigned.
  5. Maintain excellent attendance.
  6. Provide friendly communication and interaction when customers are present.
  7. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  8. Must be able to pass a Criminal Background check.

Finally, let’s end with a brief summary of what we’re looking for!

At Brokate Janitorial, we’re looking for a great candidate that will take pride in their work! Cleaning is hard work, but the healthy office environments we create are crucial to the health and happiness of the employees who work inside them. We look for a candidate that will show up reliably for work and get along with their team. Respecting and working well with others on your team is important to keeping a happy and drama-free work place. Lastly, we look for a candidate that will communicate openly and honestly. We encourage open dialogue to make sure we’re providing all the support you need to succeed in your position. We want your employment with Brokate Janitorial to meet your goals and needs, so working and communicating together to get a schedule that works for your life is our goal!

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