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Do you Strip and Wax floors?

We get this question a lot! The phone call goes like this:

{ring ring}

Brokate: {Good Afternoon, Brokate Janitorial, how can we help you?}

Caller:{Do you strip and wax floors?}

Brokate: {Yes we do! We can provide just about any kind of floor service depending on your facility’s needs}

Caller: {How much does it cost?}

Brokate: {It depends on what you need. The best thing for us both would be for us to collect some basic information and setup a time that’s convenient for you so that we can look at the condition of your floors and work you up a Free Quote with some options and recommendations!}

Caller: {Great!}

And so the call goes, another happy customer educated on their options and then delivered outstanding results for their floor’s needs! Below are a few pictures of some recent floor jobs we have completed that will describe a lot better what we can do for you than just a bunch of text! Call us today to see what we can do for your floors!

Strip and Wax Floors - Completed November 2016

Strip and Wax Floor Job Completed November 2016

floor waxing october 2016

Floor Job Completed October 2016











Brokate Janitorial has been providing janitorial services since 1995. Whether you want to strip and wax floors , have your facility cleaned , your carpet cleaned or other similar services; Brokate Janitorial would love to provide a free quote! We service all of Southwest Missouri, with local offices in Springfield and Branson, MO.